EMC was established in 1973 as an active company involved in three major lines : first: a contracting & specialized firm of which it carried a large range of diversified electromechanical and communication projects, second: a supplier of a wide range of construction equipment and material to contractors; and third: a supplier of industrial equipment and services to the mining industry. EMC takes pride in being a leading regional supplier of diversified engineering equipment and services to the industrial and construction markets.
Among its achievements through the years, EMC has installed numerous sophisticated industrial systems in the main mineral & mining industries.

EMC has earned a reputation for being reliable and dependable as a result of its recognized track record of excellence.

EMC Mission
EMC mission is to become a leading regional contracting and service company in the filed of electro - mechanical and communication field of work, by implementing the international standards and quality assurance.

EMC Goals
• To gain the client’s trust.
• To identify problems faced by clients.
• To deeply understand the client’s need.
• To provide clever solutions for each client’s problems.
• To be competitive