EMC takes pride in being a leading regional supplier of diversified engineering equipment
and services to the industrial and construction markets.
EMC has earned a reputation for being reliable and dependable as a result of its recognized
tack record of excellence.
EMC has different fields of supply and services, skilled, dedicated management ,administrative staff
and highly experienced engineers, make up the work force of the company .
the accumulated experience of EMC through the years of operation since 1973 enable the
company to successfully serve small,
medium and large establishments in the various sector industry, construction and
agriculture, in addition to hospitals, bank, municipalities, military and government authorities.
Industrial Services Department (ISD)
ISD is acknowledged to be a reputable supplier of engineering products
and services to major industries in the region.
ISD motivated team of mechanical ,electrical, electronic and industrial
engineers operate in the field and are dedicated to delivering excellence in order to
meet the highest needs of its clients.